Our 2017/8 Goals - Transforming Church​, Transforming Lives

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In early January 2017, the PCC spent a Saturday morning together - a shared breakfast, act of worship and a two-session workshop - to seek a strategy for the continuing develoment of the parish and its place ; with a new rector, to engage in the next stage of its thousand year old mission in the town to strive always to live the Good News of Jesus Christ at the heart of the community of Farnham.

These goals were distilled down from a consultation process last year which included an online survey which was completed by ?1,500? people across the Diocese.Our minds were focussed by the new Diocesan Vision and Mission Strategy, Transforming Church​, Transforming Lives, and its objective that in 2017 we should select and begin to explore the working out of 3 or 4 of the Strategy's 12 Goals.


Our PCC selected 4 goals:

  • Making Disciples
  • Growing Youth and Children's Ministry
  • Cultivating community partnerships
  • Communicating Effectively

"By their fruits shall ye know them" (Matthew chapter 7, Sermon on the Mount)

All the goals will flow naturally, more effectively and organically, the more we develop the first goal among church members: Making Disciples. Note first that this is not about evangelisation for new disciples. That is the focus of the second Diocesan Goal, "Increasing believers". The Diocesan Goals document states about this first goal: Discipleship and the creation of confident disciples in daily life covers everything we do. The vision here is of a community committed to lifelong learning, and to equipping its members to ‘love and serve the Lord’ in their neighbourhood, workplace, home, school and elsewhere. This goal places both prayer and confidence right at the heart of the strategy, and poses the question, ‘How can we create a culture of spiritual growth?’ Plans will be different in each context, but could include courses and small groups, as well as pilgrimages, mission trips, and a rediscovery of the spiritual disciplines.

For more information on Transforming Church, Transforming Lives, go to the Diocesan website here.

To explore our approach to each of our four chosen goals, how we see them relating to each other in the life of our parish community, and what we do already and what we are beginning to do to work towards these goals in order to strive with the help of God to bring fruitful outcomes, please look at our submenu items for each named goal.